Product No : GP-130
Product Description

*Precise-machined nozzle hand piece with color cup side-detached or fixed-on type gives convenient drawing and steady perfromance.
*Pre-set adjustment assures fine line width and even spray.
*Two-stage push-botton control allows fine and thick patterns drawing by regulating the air.
*Suitable for any artwork; such as photo-retouching; fine drawing; illustrations; precise crafts; hobbist; plastic models by application of color inks; water color; lacquers; design color; acrylic color; etc.

  • Body Length:132mm
  • Nozzle:0.3mm
  • Cup Capacity:7c.c
  • Color Cup:Side, detachable
  • Control:Push-button
  • Spray:Adjustable
  • Air pressure:1kg/cm2 ~ 3kg/cm2(14 ~ 45psi)