Product No : GH-135A
Product Description

*Simple in construction and precise-machined nozzle suitable for general artwork as well as other purposes.
*The push-on metal cup and screw-up color jars can insure quick replacement of color change.
*By using connecting nipple; all kits can be connected to air can and/or inflated tire inner tube.

  • Body Length:143mm
  • Nozzle:0.35mm
  • Control:Push-button
  • Spray:Adjustable
  • Air Pressure:0.7kg/cm2 ~ 2.5kg/cm2(10 ~ 35psi)
  • Metal Cup:1x5c.c
  • Glass Jars:1x22c.c, 1x60c.c
  • PVC Air Hose:183cm
  • Metal Hunger:1pcs