Product No : GA-135
Product Description

* Precise-machined nozzle provides high performance. * Double-action, internal mix trigger control gives smooth and free operation. * Detachabble color cups can be positioned at any angle for convenience of drawing. * Suitable for any art work, such as commercial art, industrial drawing, models finishing,illustration, custom designing, T-shirt painting, hobby crafts, etc. By application of dyes, inks gouaches, watercolors, dissolved acrylics,etc.

  • Body Length:150mm
  • Nozzle:0.3mm
  • Cup Capacity:1x7c.c, 1x15c.c
  • Control:Trigger type
  • Spray:Pre-adjustable
  • Hose Adaptor:1xM5-0.45
  • 1x1/8"
  • Air pressure:1kg/cm2~3kg/cm2 (14~45psi)